Steel Saviour

A good shooter featuring good graphics and sounds



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If you want to have fun by playing a new and stunning game featuring good graphics, Steel Saviour can be a good choice.

It has the taste of an old game but the graphics are flashy and good. The sounds that will accompany you throughout your missions will captivate you. The game is full of action and you'll have to kill a lot of enemies while flying over the semi-destroyed planets. You'll fell how you'll get addicted to it thanks to that incredible mixture.

Steel Saviour is located in an unfriendly world, where mysterious and evil creatures rule and prosper. You'll need all your skills to survive.

A side-scrolling shooter where you'll take the control of an spaceship and you'll have to kill any other space ships trying to kill you. A really well designed environment that can be also destroyed. The history is good but the most important here is the action and that's even better. If you like this kind of games give it a try, it's far good.

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